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Platinum/palladium printing workshop

Learn the gentle art of making hand-crafted platinum/palladium prints in a one day workshop at Maud Creative, 6 Maud St, Newstead in Brisbane. Workshops are scheduled from time to time - please let me know via the Contact page of the website if you are interested in attending.

About the workshop

This one-day workshop is intended to provide participants with a working knowledge of platinum/palladium printing and will involve hands on practice of the processes involved.

Topics covered include:
• a brief history of the process;
• sources for chemicals required and suitable papers;
• the digital and in-camera negative;
• contrast and tonal control;
• coating the paper, including hands on practice;
• exposing, developing and clearing the print;
• print presentation.

This YouTube clip shows Rob developing his print at a workshop held in 2017 - https://youtu.be/sVsQKxWBu2o

Participants will be asked to provide a digital image prior to the workshop. The instructor will produce a digital negative from this image for use in printing a platinum/palladium print by each participant by the end of the workshop.  Alternatively an in-camera negative 4x5 or larger may be used.


The workshop will be restricted to a maximum of 3 participants to allow hands on involvement in the process. A minimum of 2 participants is required for the workshop to proceed.  

About Platinum/palladium printing

Printing using salts of platinum and palladium was the dominant form of photographic expression in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and is regarded by many as the among the finest of alternative  photographic processes. The prints are formed by the ‘noble’ metals platinum and palladium becoming embedded in surface of watercolour paper itself. The image can be neutral to warm sepia in tone, with delicate highlights.

About the instructor

Julian Pearce learnt platinum/palladium printing from Gordon Undy (of Pointlight Gallery in Sydney), who is regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners of this art in Australia. Gordon learnt his technique from George Tice who was at the forefront of the resurgence of this alternative process in the US. The workshop therefore passes on this fine tradition.

Julian has exhibited his platinum/palladium images at the Queensland Centre for Photography (in both solo and group exhibitions) and at Pointlight Gallery in Sydney. His prints are also included in an exhibition at the Redcliffe Art Gallery in February 2017. He is one of 16 Australian alternative process photographers included in a hand-made book with original photographs, The Spirit Within Australia: The Land and The People, being launched in San Francisco in February 2017 and in Australia in March.


Please phone Julian Pearce on 0418 715 504 or email julianjp at(@) bigpond.net.au .