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About the photographer

I became actively involved in photography (initially digital photography) about 15 years ago. At that point, monochrome digital prints were unable to match the quality of silver gelatin prints. Contrary to the prevailing trend, I was therefore drawn to traditional silver gelatin and platinum/palladium printing.

Since that time, the quality of digital monochrome prints have come to match traditional ones, but I have continued to exclusively use analogue photography for my seriousĀ image making. I enjoy using the skills required and the magic of the chemical processes involved. The resultant images, which I believe stand on their own merits, have a distinctive look and feel.

I have been taught the art and craft of platinum/palladium printing by Gordon Undy of point light gallery in Sydney who in turn learnt platinum/palladium printing from George Tice -  one of the key photographers involved in reviving platinum and palladium printing in the 1960s and 1970s.

I have been involved in previous group exhibitions with the Fine Monochrome Print Group at the Queensland Centre for Photography in 2007 and 2010, a group exhibition at point light gallery in Sydney in 2009 and  solo exhibitions at Point Light gallery in 2012 and at the Queensland Centre for Photography in 2013.

Julian Pearce
January 2016